Mayr: Mass In E-flat Major

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Label: NCL
Catalog: 8574057

Simon Mayr Chorus; Ochoa, Daniel; Concerto de Bassus; Schäfer, Markus; Krödel, Johanna; Hauk, Franz; Szczepanska, Dorota

Mayr’s great Mass in E flat major is a late work, largely composed in 1843. It conforms to the prevailing Italian messa concertata tradition with its clear divisions into distinct vocal numbers, as opposed to the symphonic Mass which held sway north of the Alps. In this reconstruction and musical revival, Mayr’s imposing, tonally consonant and expressive setting can be heard in all its grandeur and eloquence. With its striking vocal solos and choruses, and characteristically songlike instrumental roles, Mayr contributed a late pinnacle in the long history of this form of the Mass.

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