Davidsen: The World Is Babel And Ivory

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Label: MPD
Catalog: 8226137

FIGURA Ensemble; Jakob Davidsens Chamber Orchestra; Davidsen, Jakob

This release delivers the thrill of discovery when Jakob Davidsen (b. 1969) and company take the listener away from safe, conventional paths into a striking genre-hopping adventure. It’s a somber tale, based on selected texts of William Shakespeare, Ursula Andkjær Olsen and Ole Sarvig but ones Davidsen imbues with gentle intimacy and vibrant colors. The pianist and composer Jakob Davidsen is known for his pioneer work with music in the border between improvisation and composition. It has resulted in 3 Danish Music Awards, the Honorary Prize of The Danish Composers Association, DJBFA, more than 15 album releases in his name and concerts in Europe and South America. "When the whole world is shouting on the top of each other you can either choose to participate with even louder and more penetrating shouts. Or you can keep silent or speak in a low voice insisting that the silent and the subdued may reveal more depths and nuances than any superficial roar."

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