Voice Of Generations

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Catalog: SRCD-1025

Haapaniemi, Sampo; Punkeri, Juho; Lampela, Teppo; Sibelius Academy Vocal Ensemble; Schweckendiek, Nils; Club for Five; Lindeberg, Tuuli; Signe; MeNaiset

The human voice is an instrument that has produced meaningful music throughout generations: songs of joy and love, of sorrow and loss. The voice carries traditions over time and space – the voice tells stories that find resonance in the hearts and minds of new generations and cultures. The listener is invited on an eventful journey through various soundscapes of vocal music: classical and contemporary art music, folk music, jazz and a’cappella pop. The diverse range of performers feature Sibelius Academy Vocal Ensemble, MeNaiset, Signe and Club For Five, among others.

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