Michael Pelzel: Gravity's Rainbow

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Catalog: 0018001KAI

ensemble recherche; Stuttgarter Kammerorchester; WDR Sinfonieorchester Köln; Molinari, Ernesto; Rundel, Peter; Ensemble Ascolta; Wiegers, Bas; Stoll, Samuel; Basel Sinfonietta; Darbellay, Noëlle-Anne

A sound so overwhelmingly rich and manifold that it almost transcends the ensemble producing it; a wealth of colours bordering on the boundless; a swarm of teeming shapes that is too dense for our ears to unravel; a whole that is far more than its parts, yet does not swallow them. These may be some of the first impressions evoked by the music of Michael Pelzel. Pelzel himself uses the image of a river that takes all manner of things with it; taking up the metaphor, one could say that the place of Pelzel’s ideal listener is not on the shore, but in the midst of the current.

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