Bedrossian: Twist, Edges, Epigram

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Catalog: 0015042KAI

Durupt, Laurent; Pérez, Alejo; WDR Sinfonieorchester Köln; Bagnoli, Luca; Pomàrico, Emilio; Meier, Robin; Klangforum Wien; Michel-Dansac, Donatienne; Durupt, Rémi

Franck Bedrossian’s monumental Epigram cycle, which has become one of the iconic works of this decade, is finally available to an international audience. Twist, another orchestral piece, portraits his collaboration with IRCAM, and Edges shows Bedrossian as a chamber music composer. After teaching at the University of Berkeley, Bedrossian will return to Europe as the new composition professor at the Kunstuniversität in Graz in early 2020, which makes this release on the Austrian KAIROS label all the more timely. After initial studies in orchestration, and analysis at the Regional Conservatory of Paris, Franck Bedrossian studied composition closely with Allain Gaussin. He continued his studies at the Paris Conservatory (seminars with Gerard Grisey and later Marco Stroppa), where upon graduation he received unanimously the first prize for Analysis, and the first prize in Composition.In 2002–2003 he was in the IRCAM ‘cursus’ for computer music and composition, taught by Philippe Leroux, Brian Ferneyhough, Tristan Murail, and Philippe Manoury. He also studied with Helmut Lachenmann at Centre Acanthes in 1999 and at the Ensemble Modern Academy in 2004. Franck Bedrossian has also received the young composer prize from Sacem in 2007. He was a Rome Prize Fellow at the Villa Medicis from April 2006 to April 2008. Since September 2008 he has been Assistant Professor of Composition at the University of California-Berkeley. His works are published by Editions Bilaudot.

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