Le Chat Dans Tous Se Etats

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Frehel,; Grandey, Francisco; Mister Sax, ; Gelin, Daniel; Bruant, Aristide; Duleu, Edouard; Kemal Rachid et Ses Ottomans; Montand, Yves; Philipe, Gerard; Garros, Christian; Begue, Roger; Coasters, The; Echaniz, Jose; Kili-cats, Les; Guilbert, Yvette; Douai, Jacques; Sénéchal, Michel; Cash, Johnny; Trois Ménestrels, Les; Boulez, Pierre; Keray, Lisette; Horner, Yvette; Doublier, Henri; Pucketet, Riley; Magn' et Quartet; Bertin, Pierre; Manécanterie des Petits Chanteurs de Saint François d'Assise; Salvado

Cats have always had a special place in the popular culture of the world. Indeed, what other animal ever inspired as many legends and nursery songs? Cats can be pets or savage wildcats, angels and demons at the same time, and affectionate or without mercy. And since the dawn of time felines have provided inspiration for painters and artists of all kinds. In this 3-album set, Jean Baptiste Mersiol offers us an anthology of music from our national heritage, all of it devoted to cats, and often tender and humorous.

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