Danish Popular Songs 1929-1932

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Catalog: DACOCD855

Rosvaenge, Helge; Paul Godwin Orchestra; Goodwin, Paul; Livschakoff, Ilja; Ilja Livschakoff Dance Orchestra

One of the very few Danish tenors known all over the world for his beautiful voice and strong stage presence here let his hear down and sings popular Danish songs in the “crooner” style done with charm and utter joy. Helge Rosvænge was the leading tenor not only in Germany but sang in many countries even into old age he performed at Carnegie Hall, New York. These utterly rare recordings are here collected for the first time and newly transferred using the best possible digital noise reducing system. Helge Rosvænge, who was to become one of German opera’s most brilliant tenors of the last century, was actually born in Copenhagen, Denmark, on August 29, 1897. He passed away in Munich in 1972. While working for a degree in chemistry he also found time for singing lessons and appeared in smaller Copenhagen theatres. In the end opera won over chemistry and Rosvænge made his debut in Germany, a country which would be his new home. He was happy there, and his entire singing career is linked to Germany and Austria, although he was frequently in Copenhagen during the 1920s and 1930s. Rosvænge’s voice endured to old age. His career as a singer spanned more than 50 years. Although inevitably the original shimmer and ring had faded some, he was still able at the age of 66, thanks to a fabulous vocal technique, to delight an audience at New York’s Carnegie Hall.

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