Brahms: Violin Sonata, Nos. 1 & 2, Opp. 120 & 2 Ge

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Label: B Records
Catalog: LBM023

Le Sage, Eric; Berthaud, Lise; Laulan, Sarah

No dusk: although both Sonates op.120 may be some of the last pieces written by Johannes Brahms, they still sound with the great vigor and sensitivity that belong to the great Viennese composer. B Records continues to explore his whole chamber music, with an addition of two treasures. This is a program that vibrates very close to the sometimes delicate, sometimes furious chords of the great artist. The ensemble writes: “One crazy day, a few of us decided to embark on a project which, at the time, some people deemed impossible to achieve: to perform all of Brahms’s chamber music within only a few months. Every concert would be recorded with our sights set on an unprecedented, magical objective – the complete chamber works of that great Viennese composer performed by the same musicians… We are now a company, as in the theatre, bonded by an unstoppable urge, a definite notion of boldness, a shared perception of chamber music and a love for the repertoire. We know to a T our individual playing characteristics: one player’s touch, another’s bow stroke, each other’s breathing, and so on. After hours of rehearsals and discussions, we honed our vision of the repertoire which ensured that the project is coming together nicely. This is a two-phase endeavor – the concert and the album. There are two options open to the audience: a seat at some of the finest auditoria in Europe which are part of the Belle Saison network; or a sofa in any home, where people can hear the outstanding music of Johannes Brahms… The album which you now hold in your hands is a small fraction of a large sound space which is opening up to you for the very first time.”

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