Andrea Chénier

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Catalog: GB2572/73-2

Antonini, Giovanni; Freschi, Ledo; Dimitrova, Ghena; Zerial, Dario; Credico, Oslavio di; Olmi, Paolo; Zanazzo, Alfredo; Caruso, Carmelo Corrado; Genova Teatro Comunale Chorus; Tramonti, Tiziana; Genova Teatro Comunale Orchestra; Bocca, Laura; Fibrini, Enrico; Chingari, Marco; Giacomini, Giuseppe; Zancanaro, Giorgio; Bonfanti, Pio

Ghena Dimitrova and Giuseppe Giacomini one splendid evening at the opera in Genoa nearly thirty years ago. Two powerful voices which could stir the emotions like few others: on this particular evening in Genoa Ghena and Giuseppe were in good shape and immediately made that audience connection which makes an evening special, as the often-crazed applause proves. In the treble, their notes rang out with clarity, power and a lightning-fast attack; their phrasing was as imposing as it was tireless; their emotional tension sent shivers down the audience's collective spine; and, most importantly of all, they phrased their notes and articulated their words with a severity and intensity which makes the difference between a fine evening of operatic thrills and an interpretation deserving to be recorded for the benefit of those who were not lucky enough to be there on the night.

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