Violin Concertos Kv 216 & Kv 219

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Label: Ars Produktion
Catalog: ARS38295
Format: SACD

Kim, SoJin; Kurpfälzisches Kammerorchester

So Jin Kim writes of her new release: “Mozart’s music led me to discover my love for music at a young age. His music has been and continues to be a source of calm, inspiration, and motivation throughout my life and career. I hope that this recording conveys my love and appreciation towards his music. Mozart composed his third violin concerto, K. 216at the age of 19, most likely for himself or his father. The concerto explores more adventurous ideas – compared to his first two violin concertos – while still staying true to the classical structure. It displays Mozart’s distinct operatic charm and serenade style that is prevalent in many of his compositions leading up to the violin concertos… As Mozart does so expertly in his serenade writing, expansive melodies and ideas succeed each other in blissful simplicity transcending time and form… The fifth violin concerto, K. 219 is the most adventurous and operatic of all his violin concertos. Widely considered as Mozart’s finest violin concerto, it brims with bold and imaginative possibilities. Following an energetic “aperto” opening of the orchestra, the solo violin enters amidst an abrupt silence of the tutti in ethereal and lyrical recitative. It returns to the original tempo and celebratory mood with arpeggiated opening idea of the movement. In the slow movement, Mozart again dis-plays his music of limitless and expansive melodic material. For a brief moment, the middle section of this movement goes through an unusually darker emotion for Mozart, nevertheless purified in his effervescent narrative that tugs eternal hope of possibilities. The finale, which is perhaps the most inventive and exciting, is a juxtaposition of a graceful rondo theme and an unexpected, exotic “Turkish” episode in the middle of the movement. After sliding delicately back into the original theme, Mozart closes the concerto by evaporating effortlessly as the last surprise.”

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