Folk Music Of China, Vol. 2: Folk Songs Of Inner M

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Catalog: NXW76089-2

Babasang, ; Si, Qin; A, Baozhu; Bao, Yin; You, Junli; Yanjin, Duoluma; Man, Zhujin; Meng, Jinhong; Nuomin, Gaowa; Nei, Shumei; Temuer, Menghe; Meng, Manrong; Nei, Sumei; Anonymous; You, Wenfeng; Gulige,

The Folk Music of China series explores China’s rich and diverse musical heritage with songs from all 55 of the country’s ethnic minority groups. Volume 2 features folk songs from Inner Mongolia and Heilongjiang – Mongol, Daur, Oroqen, Evenki and Hezhen. As with Chinese traditional visual arts, the song titles explain their mood and origin. The five ethnic minorities that perform on this album inhabit Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region and Heilongjiang Province in northern and north-eastern China. Heilongjiang is the sixth-largest province by area, and Inner Mongolia is the third-largest. Sharing most of its northern border with Mongolia, and a small part of that with Russia, Inner Mongolia primarily consists of the Mongolian Plateau. The music of the five minorities has two common features. First, the five kinds of music all primarily adopt pentatonic scales. Second, they all incorporate elements of Shamanic tunes, which are usually short and intense.

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