Stefan Weglowski: From 1 To 7

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Catalog: 0015065KAI

Sohn, Yeyoung; Dylla, Marcin

From 1 to 7 is Stefan Weglowski’s newest album with mesmerizing performances from soprano Yeyoung Sohn and guitarist Marcin Dylla. This reimagination of the traditional genre of the “song cycle” for voice and guitar, which goes as far back as to Dowland and Purcell, carries this important tradition forward into the 21st century. This is New Music in the best sense of the word, and a recording for the curious and excitable mind. Stefan Weglowski is a composer, producer, and live performer. His works include mostly compositions for small ensembles and solo instruments. In his works he uses minimalist and spectral techniques, combining them with broadly defined area of electronic music (field recording, sampling, max msp programming).

Price: $22.99