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Jacob Bandolim com Regional do Canhoto; Dino 7 cordas, ; Jacob do Bandolim e Regional; Canhoto, ; Bill, ; Jacob do Bandolim, ; Barão, ; Silveira, Orlando; Gilson,; Luna, ; Filho, Galhardo; Silva, Jorge; Pixinguinha; Nelson,; Faria, Cesar; Pinguim, ; Taranto, ; Ribeiro, Fernando; Lacerda, Benedito; Jorginho; Pingo, ; Jacob do Bandolim e seus Choroes (com Regional de Canhoto e metais); Meira, ; Barros, Raul de; Jacob e seus Chorões

This anthology marks the Centenary of the birth of Jacob do Bandolim (February 1918 – August 1969) and contains the bonus of the first-ever release of an archive from a radio programme featuring him with his guests Pixinguinha and Benedito Lacerda. The set perfectly illustrates how this brilliant musician revitalized the choro. Jacob do Bandolim born Jacob Pick Bittencourt (February 14, 1918 – August 13, 1969) was a Brazilian composer and musician. Born to a Brazilian-Jewish mother and a gentile father in Rio de Janeiro, his stage name means "Mandolin Jacob", after the instrument he played. In addition to his virtuoso playing, he is famous for his many choro compositions, more than 103 tunes, which range from the lyrical melodies of "Noites Cariocas" ("Carioca Nights"), Receita de Samba and "Dôce de Coco" to the aggressively jazzy "Assanhado", which is reminiscent of bebop. He also researched and attempted to preserve the older choro tradition, as well as that of other Brazilian music styles.

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