Petite Histoire

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Butor, Michel

From Rabelais to Sartre, a passionate exploration of French literature. Writer, critic, academic, traveler and poet, Michel Butor is the author of a literary work whose modernity reflects the extraordinary evolution of the 20th century. In these interviews, conducted with Lucien Giraudo, he proposes a personal history of French literature, recaptured from within by the writer, but presented with simplicity and passion by the teacher. Do you really know Chrétien de Troyes, La Fontaine, Racine, Perrault, Rousseau, Chateaubriand, Proust, Artaud or Céline? In these lessons, Michel Butor explores these authors and the movements they have incarnated; thanks to his original and effective work, he stages the great fresco of artistic creation throughout the centuries and brings back to life the major works of our cultural heritage.

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