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Catalog: CYP0613


C#1 is a duo for grand organ (played by Cindy Castillo) and live electronics (Pierre Slinckx). It is an original piece composed on the material from the chorale for organ by Johann Sebastian Bach Erbarme dich mein, O Herre Gott BWV 721. This creation consists of several sections with diverse emotions and is centered on the main character, being the great organ. The Kleuker organ of the Chant d'Oiseau is endowed with a new breath with electronic traces and reflections of mirror ball that will lead you to new auditory perspectives. Pierre Slinckx studied composition and in-depth writing at ARTS2, especially with Claude Ledoux, Jean-Pierre Deleuze, Jean-Luc Fafchamps, Gilles Gobert and Denis Pousseur. He today teaches there in-depth writing. As a composer, he is regularly solicited by ensembles that commission him instrumental and mixed works. Winner of the 2013 Henri Pousseur Prize and the 2015 André Souris Prize, which reward promising young composers, he is a member of the LAPS ensemble as a composer and laptop performer. Cypres label offers him a double carte blanche and invites you to discover his sound universe by simultaneously releasing his first two albums: C#1 for grand organ and electronics and M#1 for string quartet and electronics.

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