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Catalog: STR37126

Napolitano, Alberto

Mutation is not a simple transformation. To change means losing yourself to discover yourself differently. Everything around us is subject to this process- the seasons, the people, our feelings ...What changes in this work is not only the sound of the saxophone which like a new Ulysses, ventures between ports and unexplored countries, continually rediscovering its nature, but also the compositions themselves, which although belonging to a more or less recent past, are returned as new, sometimes immersed in a sparkling light, sometimes in a deep shadow. The listener follows this journey, in turn changing his perceptions by opening doors so far only imagined. At the heart of this work are the three mutations taken from S. Sciarrino's work for flute [tracks 1-3]. This version, by the same performer of the album, was based from the need to create with the music of this composer, who in the past has already crossed his path with that of the saxophone giving life to compositions such as La bocca, i piedi e il suono, Pagine and many others, a more intimate relationship. The collaboration between the performer and the composer has allowed us to give these pieces a different perspective which, while not denying its original model, finds its own expressive direction and multidimensional physiognomy.

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