Live In Taiwan, 1998 / Sergio Foirentino

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Catalog: RH 009
Format: CD


The Italian pianists who have made the history of interpretation are well known, starting with Busoni through Zecchi, Benedetti Michelangeli, Pollini and others. But there are many other great Italian pianists, who due to a series of unclear circumstances slipped away unnoticed without the recognition they deserved. In particular, Sergio Fiorentino stands out above them all, an incomparable pianist and musician, who had a discontinuous career and who only began to be universally ranked as one of the greatest pianists of the 20th century after his death. He was a soulful musician who always avoided virtuosity for virtuosity’s sake, and could thus return profound interpretations of Bach, Schubert, Franck or the last Beethoven Sonatas. He was a balanced pianist, faithful to the score but at the same time tied to certain freedoms of expression. The present release is a live recording of one of Fiorentino’s last live concerts, made in Taiwan in 1998.

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