Vivid Viola

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Label: NCL
Catalog: 8578186

Koll, Heinrich; Taddei, Marc Decio; Nishizaki, Takako; Callus, Helen; Capella Istropolitana; Kliegel, Maria; New Zealand Symphony Orchestra; Inui, Madoka; Zimmermann, Tabea; Kovacs, Janos; Bradley, Sarah-Jane; Hewitt, Anthony; Golani, Rivka; Díaz, Roberto; Kyselák, Ladislav; Gunzenhauser, Stephen; Chiang, Victoria; Edlinger, Richard; Budapest Philharmonic Orchestra; Xiao, Hong-Mei; Talmi, Yoav; Sinkovsky, Dmitry; Jones, Matthew; Thakar, Markand; Koenig, Robert; San Diego Symphony Orchestra; Baltimore Cham

The viola is only slightly larger than the violin but possesses a middle range that is irchly expressive and full of pathos. It has been played by some of the greatest composers, including JS Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, and Dvorak- and the rise of virtuoso players in the 19th century encouraged composers to write ever more expressive works for the instrument, not least sonatas and concertos, such as those in this collection. The explosion of pieces written for it in the 20th century has ensured that the viola can now take center stage in the world’s concert halls.

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