Charming Cello

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Label: NCL
Catalog: 8578173

Urabe, Yumiko; Soustrot, Marc; Kölner Kammerorchester; Tichman, Nina; City of London Sinfonia; Kliegel, Maria; Rudin, Alexander; Bartolomey, Franz; Halász, Michael; Sternfield, Allan; Inui, Madoka; Müller-Brühl, Helmut; Grebanier, Michael; English Chamber Orchestra; Kraemer, Nicholas; Guggenheim, Janet; Rimmer, Nicholas; Golovschin, Igor; Wallfisch, Raphael; Joost Ben-Sasson, Ina-Esther; Onczay, Csaba; Schwabe, Gabriel; Royal Philharmonic Orchestra; Moscow Philharmonic Orchestra; Lloyd Webber, Julian; H

The ancient origins of the modern cello came from India and the Far East, arriving in Europe through Arab trade routes. By the time of the instrument’s advanced construction in the mid-18th century, the greater volume of sound and versatility that could be achieved contributed to its development both as a solo and an ensemble instrument. People often cite the cello as their favorite string instrument on account of its similarity to the human voice, the warmth of tone, the dramatic quality of the upper register and the instrument’s directness of communication. All of these unique qualities are represented by the works in this essential collection.

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