String Serenades, Vol. 1

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Label: HGT
Catalog: HCD32764

Anima Musicæ Chamber Orchestra

The 1st part of our series contains a late 19th and an early 20th century work. The Serenade for String Orchestra is one of the best known and representative compositions by Tchaikovsky, a reverent homage to Viennese Classical serenades and Mozart’s genius. Considered one of Dohnányi’s first mature works, the Serenade was composed in 1902 during a course of a concert tour bridging London and Vienna. Its first performance was given in Vienna in 1904 by members of the Fitzner Quartet. Here, the work is performed by Anima Musicae Chamber Orchestra. Anima Musicae Chamber Orchestra was founded in 2010 and is made up of students from the Liszt Ferenc Academy. The ensemble has performed a large number of concerts, and experienced growing success.

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