Leo Tolstoy: The Death Of Ivan Ilyich

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Jordán, Tamás

The Death of Ivan Ilyich is a novella by Leo Tolstoy, considered one of the masterpieces of his late fiction, written shortly after his religious conversion of the late 1870s. "Usually classified among the best examples of the novella," The Death of Ivan Ilyich tells the story of a high-court judge in 19th-century Russia and his sufferings and death from a terminal illness. In 1984, philosopher Merold Westphal said that the story depicts "death as an enemy which leads us to deceive ourselves, robs us of the meaning of life, and puts us in solitary confinement." In 1997, psychologist Mark Freeman wrote: “Tolstoy's book is about many things: the tyranny of bourgeois niceties, the terrible weak spots of the human heart, the primacy and elision of death. But more than anything, I would offer, it is about the consequences of living without meaning, that is, without a true and abiding connection to one's life…” This audiobook is read by award-winning Hungarian actor, director, artist, and professor Jordan Tamas.

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