Japanese Drums

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Catalog: EUCD2866

Hiten Ryu Daiko; Hirota, Joji; Tomoe-ryu Yutakadaiko; London Taiko Drummers; Hashimoto, Hideaki; Lockett, Pete; Wadaiko Matsuriza; Joji Hirota & London Taiko Drummers; KyoShinDo; Nihon Daiko

From Autumn harvest festivals to traditional Japanese folklore steeped in rich history, this album shows the diversity and power of the Japanese drums. From stories of ship-crews being saved by the organization of synchronized beats, to a picturesque soundscape of waves in the sea, to a peaceful thankfulness for loved ones and nature, this release is full of sound stories. This release also features ‘purification drumming’ heard in Buddhist temples before, during and after ceremonies and a famous taiko drum beat symbolizing the sounds of samurai riding on horseback.

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