The Gambia Sessions

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Catalog: EUCD2864

Taylor, Senami; XamXam; Atkinson, Linda; Mboob, Musa; Badjie, Lena; Pickett, Andy

Musicians from the UK travel to The Gambia in this unique cultural exchange. Under the guidance of Gambian percussionist and vocalist Musa Mboob, musicians from both countries create an inspired, energetic, tribal, West African soul music. “…captivating sounds of West Africa in its most innovative masterpiece of artistic creativity…” ( Musa Mboob and XamXam aim to bring you the perfect blend of traditional West African music with a modern twist. Musa has made it his aim in life to continue the family tradition of playing percussion and promoting traditional music from The Gambia. In 2017 Musa returned to The Gambia with a new set of musicians and returned with this collection of new songs that capture the exciting Gambian vibe.

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