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Label: Glossa
Catalog: GCD923520

Dolci, Daniela; Boysen, Thomas; Musica Narrans; Nasillo, Gaetano; Pustilnik, Monica; La Ritirata; Meyerson, Mitzi; Croce, Rossella; Contini, Luciano; Kuijken, Wieland; Moreno, Jose Miguel; Obregón, Josetxu; Tur Bonet, Lina; Private Musicke; Ensemble Isabella d'Este; Kuijken, Sigiswald; Rattinger, Jakob David; Musica Fiorita; Schayegh, Leila; Form, Michael; Morini, Guido; Borner, Dirk; Harmonie Universelle; Costoyas, Dolores; Agsteribbe, Frank; Musica Alchemica; Garrido, Álvaro; Balestracci, Guido; Raschie

The “Folia” was a popular dance born in the Iberian Peninsula in the 15th century. The meaning of “folia” being “madness”, it is documented that in its early days it was a fast, ecstatic dance. Both a harmonic structure and a melody (developed a bit later), the “Folia” evolved until in the Baroque it was formalized into a standard chord progression and melodic line, often developed in the form of variations. In this 2-album set, we present many versions of the “Folia” recorded over the years by artists belonging to the Note 1 group of labels: Paolo Pandolfo, Jose Miguel Moreno, Lina Tur Bonet, Enrico Gatti, Leila Schayegh or Sigiswald Kuijken all make their appearance in music from the Renaissance and Baroque. Among the represented composers we can find Marin Marais, Arcangelo Corelli, Gaspar Sanz or Antonio Vivaldi. Have a lot of fun with these 140 minutes of madness!

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