Bach: Transcriptions For Trumpet And Organ

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Label: DUX
Catalog: DUX1297

Cecocho, Igor; Rojek, Piotr

The Organ of the St. Lawrence Church in Wroclów (1715-1717) comes from a workshop of one of the greatest Silesian constructors, Adam Horatio Casparini. The contemporary disposition, slightly modified in the 19th century, does not differ much from the Casparini concept. The instrument still meets the requirements of very orthodox Baroque literature, including the works by Johann Sebastian Bach. Hence it is perfect for the role that Professors Igor Cecocho and Piotr Rojek, associated with the Wroclaw Academy of Music, have assigned to it. The musicians undertook a task to examine and synthesize differentia specifica of the creative individuality of Johann Sebastian Bach, seen from the perspective of instrumentalists aware of the baggage of experience and the multifaceted inspiration of the cantor of Leipzig. They reached for works from the most famous Bach collections and performed their creative reinterpretation using transcriptions of these pieces and the possibilities of the trumpet and the unique instrument from Wroclów.

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