Astor Piazzolla - Concertos And Chamber Works

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Catalog: PH18089
Format: CD

Holzenkamp, Winfried; Südwestdeutsches Kammerorchester Pforzheim; Wuttke, Friedemann; Sabatier, William; Handschuh, Timo

“There’s Stravinsky, there’s Bartók, there’s Hindemith; but where is Piazzolla?” With this question, the leading composition teacher Nadia Boulanger set the course of a musical about-turn in the work of her student Astor Piazzolla. We speak of tango nuevo – the new tango – created by this very man, Astor Piazzolla. At first, it brought the young composer little more than hostility in his Argentine homeland, but it later brought him world fame. To reach that point was a long journey. The present release presents Piazzolla’s concertos and chamber works performed by the trio of William Sabatier, Friedemann Wuttke, and Wilfried Holzenkamp. The trio first emerged as a duo when in 2017 bandoneon player William Sabatier and guitarist Friedemann Wuttke met at the Kiosk European Festival in Lyon. Out of this encounter arose a successful collaboration and beautiful friendship.

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