Journey To The Middle East

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Catalog: EUCD2835
Format: CD

Hassan, Hassan; Torun, Kamil; Dastan Trio; Mukhtar, Ahmed; Young, Grant; Akarsu, Ahmet; Adly, Mohsen; Hodjaty, Nariman; Derakhshani, Majid; Jorje, Aziz; Sorour, Maged; Shaker, Ali; Thornton, Phil; Andre Hajj Ensemble; Shimal; Al-Jundi, Zein; Hossam Ramzy String Ensemble; Ramzy, Hossam; Hariri, Moneer; Eskander, Adel; Jooya, Zohreh; Shaheen, Hazem; Khasaf, Wasam; Yaba, Mehmet; Huseyin Turkmenler Ensemble; Alan Shavarsh Bardezbanian Middle Eastern Ensemble; Falih, Hassan; The Burning Bush; Helmy, Abdalla; Zar

This compilation takes the listener on a musical journey throughout the Middle East, with tracks from Cyprus, Egypt, Persia, Iraq, Israel, Lebanon, Syria and Turkey, all tried and tested music put together in a stunningly presented album. Artists include Hossam Ramzy, Zohreh Jooya, Dastan Trio, Ahmed Mukhtar, The Burning Bush and more. Notable features on this release include ‘Planet Egypt,’ performed by Hossam Ramzy and Phil Thornton, which is a powerful piece that is a call and response, creating a dynamic exchange of phrases, as well as ‘Midnight Sun’ performed by the Dastan Trio. The Dastan Trio is the result of a long term collaboration and innovative approach taken by its creators, Pejman Hadadi, Hossein Behroozi-Nia, and Hamid Motebassem, all from Iran. The music is mostly improvised and played on traditional instruments.

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