Celtic Harp

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Catalog: EUCD2831
Format: CD

Espinoza, Paul; Bailey, Alison; Butler, Margie; Thym, Nancy; Brown, Florie

In tales and legends from the Celtic lands, the harp has always been considered a magical instrument, often associated with the sea. Perhaps it harkens back to the ancient Irish legend of the origin of the harp, in which Canoclah Mhor fled in a rage from her husband, Cuil. She rushed to the shore, where she heard an enchanting sound. Following it, she found that the source of the sound was the wind as it blew through an old whale carcass. The sinews of the whale, still attached to the bones, had dried and the wind, blowing through them, caused them to vibrate. The music soothed her anger and Canoclach fell into a deep sleep. Cuil came upon his sleeping wife and perceived that the expression of joy and peace on her face was caused by the sound of the wind through the bones and sinew, and he knew that if he could build an instrument which captured this he would be able to keep his wife contented. Canoclach awoke to the sound of her husband playing beautiful music on the newly created instrument. Margie Butler presents this album of beautiful, haunting Celtic pieces that conjure a calm, relaxing, romantic atmosphere.

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