Debussy: Sonates, Danses, Rhapsodies

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Label: Indesens
Catalog: INDE105
Format: CD

Koerner, Jean; Berrod, Philippe; Berthaud, Lise; Pernoo, Jerome; Lucas, Vincent; Lively, David; Samouil, Tatiana; Wagschal, Laurent; Prost, Nicolas; Désert, Claire; Langlamet, Marie-Pierre; Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra, members

Along with the Etudes and En blanc et noir of 1915, Claude Debussy’s three sonatas constitute the last will and testament of the composer, who died in Paris on March 25, 1918. It’s not due to being the final works in Debussy’s chronology that confer this privilege on them so much as the fact that they perfectly manifest the composer’s ideal of French music as distinguished by “clarity, elegance, simple and natural declamation which seeks, above all, to please.” How could one better describe these masterpieces? Along with these sonatas, the musicians on this album have included two Rhapsodies, the Danses sacree et profane, as well as the haunting flute solo Syrinx.

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