Arie E Danze Cortigiane

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Catalog: IIIMIL 0169

La Rossignol

The Italian Renaissance was an extraordinarily creative period in all areas of knowledge. Music and dance belonged to a season of incredible richness in which all the great masterpieces followed one after another in a fascinating and astonishing rise in all the town courts poets, painters, sculptors, musicians, and dancers gave life and movement to an ever-changing society. Although dance was prohibited in medieval times, it, was later considered a moral activity of educational merit and was thus treated as a refined and elegant art with a precise written form. Festivities were the natural context for dance, a complex cast of movement often reflecting ceremonial celebrations of the royalty (engagement, wedding, birth, battle victory etc... all Renaissance court activity). On the present release, the ensemble La Rossignol explores dance tunes by Renaissance composers.

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