Schütz: Madrigale & Hochzeitsmusiken

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Label: CARUS
Catalog: CV83277
Format: CD

Schwandtke, Felix; Baumgartl, Margret; Pobbig, Claudius; Kessinger, Wolfgang von; Nagel, Julian; Perl, Sarah; Rademann, Hans-Christoph; Dresdner Kammerchor; Poplutz, Georg; Nagel, Julia; Mäthger, Tobias; Rollecke, Beate; Andersson, Magnus; Otto, Friederike; Erler, David; Friedlaender, Thomas; Rath, Stephan; Schlemmer, Clemens; Müller, Matthias; Mields, Dorothee; Stosiek, Maria; Sakamoto, Masafumi; Krause, Sebastian; Hess, Frauke; Laake, Juliane; Bernhardt, Sandra; Mayenschein, Jonathan; Schicketanz, Isabe

Very little secular music by Heinrich Schütz has survived today. His songs and other secular pieces are a valuable testimony to the masterful art of madrigals which he acquired during his years of study in Venice. Through this release, we can get to know this side of Schutz- the Schutz who naturally provided music for wedding celebrations, and who set the great emotions of life in the ‘madrigalian style.’ It is hoped that this album at the end of the first Schutz Complete Recording will evoke another image of Schutz among listeners. The colorful works paint a new, different picture of the composer, which reveals his vitality, his often playful linguistic images and his fine wit. Solo voices (Dorothee Mields and Georg Poplutz, among others) and obbligato instruments - cornets, violins, trombones and viols - meet here and entwine each other in beguiling melodies.

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