Isang Yun: Chamber Music

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Catalog: C5364
Format: CD

Han, Kaya; Arzberger, Georg; Takahashi, Shota; Grimmer, Walter; Stange, Maria; Streiff, Egidius; Stange, Markus; Doughty, Mariana

Isang Yun’s works are inconceivable without the East Asian philosophy of the Tao. The more than one hundred works composed by Isang Yun in Europe combine national tradition with international modernity. Yun found his way to an individual sound in Europe through the reminiscence of Chinese-Korean court music. Furthermore, the oeuvre is characterized by the flexible, lively tone of the traditional music of his home, by the art of the flowing transition from the spirit of the Tao. The chamber music occupies an important role in Yun’s oeuvre; the composer experimented with not only the most diverse and also unusual combinations of instruments, but also continued to compose in traditional classical genres. The present release features his East-West-Miniatures, his Quartet for Oboe and String Trio, and more.

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