Wadolowski: Preludes For Guitar & Double Bass

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Label: DUX
Catalog: DUX1530

Lemanczyk, Piotr; Wadolowski, Marcin

This new release is a musical journey of two jazz musicians through the land of melody, harmony, rhythm and the fully acoustic sound of instruments. These pieces offer up a clash of classical instrumental texture with the freedom of jazz improvisation. All of the music heard here was written especially for this duo, who extend what is between the notes, filling the space with dialogue and creation of new sounds, textures, and colors. Preludes – by definition – are short instrumental pieces, often of an improvised character, which are an introduction to a larger musical work. And here the author of the album, Marcin Wadolowski, has invited one of the best bassists, Piotr Lemanczyk, to explore these short pieces with him. The result is an exciting sound journey.

Price: $23.99