Afro Cuban All Stars - A Toda Cuba Le Gusto

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Catalog: WCV047
Format: LP

rom start to finish, this LP is one of the most enjoyable that I own. It's a class act and it will MAKE YOU DANCE, BABY!!! Juan de Marcos González dedicated this album to "Don Rubén González, genius of Cuban piano". How appropriate! In addition to Rubén, the LP features Manuel Mirabal (one of the greatest trumpet players I have ever heard), Demetrio Muñiz (trombone), Ibrahim Ferrer (vocals) and Orlando López (bass). Juan de Marcos González, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your huge role in promoting both traditional and modern Cuban music, and particularly for your energetic efforts to share this wonderful treasure with the world beyond Cuba's borders. Were it not for you, those of us in the United States might still be deprived of the talent of Ibrahim Ferrer, Rubén González, Manuel Mirabal and so many others. Like an unofficial Cuban embassador to the world, you travel the globe with a musical message that has to improve relations.

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