Republique Democratique Du Con

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Label: Ocora
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The northeast of the former Zaire is the home of an exceptional human mosaic with very different traditions that existed before the disaster of the wars in the late twentieth century. This release presents the music of the Nyali: rich repertoires combining instrumental music and collective singing. Nyali songs in which a chorus and a soloist alternate their parts are typical of the Bantu culture. The vocal and instrumental polyphonies shared with the Efe Pygmies are one of the originalities of this music. The contact with the polyphonies of the Efe Pygmies resulted in songs in which several voices are intertwined with regular changes between chest and head voices. The instrumental music is quite rich and employs many instruments: several types of drums, harps, whistles, horns and voice alternators. The repertoire is made up of music for mourning, healing, and festive music.

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