Edition Staatskapelle Dresden, Vol. 43: Karl Böhm

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Catalog: PH18035
Format: CD

Chor der Staatsoperette Dresden; Böhm, Karl; Staatskapelle Dresden; Goltz, Christel

The focus of this impressive release is not only the stunning performance by the Staatskapelle Dresden, but the audiophile-quality sound engineering: “Real live recording – without a safety net, so to speak, without sound engineers in dark horn-rimmed glasses and white coats – belongs to the days of direct cutting to cylinder in the early days of sound recording up to the introduction of magnetic tape after World War II. From that moment on, editing and manipulation became the order of the day – indeed, it is clearly audible on many LPs and may often cause some amusement ... In the short period during which the Direct-to-Disc process was in use, in the 1970s, the aim was to transfer purist recordings to LP without tape noise – mainly in the area of jazz – and this produced some recordings that are hailed even today as ground-breaking and legendary. Made using just one single microphone, these Electrola shellac recordings remain, after a process of careful and time-consuming restoration, a benchmark to this day when it comes to motivation, joy of musicmaking and a determination to give the best performance possible on the part of the musicians, the orchestra, the conductor and the sound engineers. This is perceptible on nearly all the tracks on this album. And the conductor Karl Böhm was surely seldom in such good spirits, so carefree – brisk in his tempi – and yet simultaneously so sensitive in imparting subtle messages. All in the hope that the crackling needle will leave some of the sound for the restoration process ...“ (Sound engineer Holger Siedler)

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