Tropical Holiday

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Catalog: EUCD2801
Format: CD

El Negro,; Wapa Sakitanou; Alvarez, Sergio; Manzanares, Mario; Tumbao; Rubalcaba and César Pedroso; Grupo Merecumbe; Mendoza, Jorge Anibal; Feldmann, Teresa Gonzalez; Steelasophical,; Compania Folclorica Matambu; Castro, Miguel; Rafael & Energía Dominicana; 21 División; Compagnie de Ballet Folklorique Nationale d'Haiti; Rivera, Mayito; King Selewa & His Calypsonians; Mella, Jaime; Mandingo y su Son; Lalo,; Cárcamo, Pablo; Stiegler, Ulrich; Fernando, Alfredo; Aburto, Jaime

Let yourself be whisked away on a Tropical Holiday with music from around the Caribbean- Haiti, Martinique, Costa Rica, Trinidad & Tobago, and other island nations. Put your sunglasses on and get into the summer mood with irresistible dances. The cumbia is perhaps internationally the best-known form of music and dance from Colombia. It has African roots with a great deal of Spanish and Indian influence. In fact, Colombians consider the cumbia to be the meeting place of these three cultures. Its pace makes it one of the most danceable styles found within South America. Another well-known dance featured on this album is the salsa. Since the salsa’s appearance in the early 1960s, its impact and planet-wide expansion has been phenomenal. Broadly speaking, salsa is essentially an urban, popular dance music with deep roots in Cuban music. Its origins have been traced back to two main styles still heard in Cuba today: the Spanish influenced guajira and the Afro-Cuban son.

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