Possibili Percorsi / Rita Zingariello

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Catalog: DIGR39
Format: CD


"Possibili Percorsi" is an album of refined melodic pop that borders on jazz and southern rhythms- the true roots of the Italian singer-songwriter Rita Zingariello. Phil Mer has added a high dose of realism with his production. On the album there are moments to close your eyes and float in midair, as if to breathe a sigh of relief, between minimal touches of guitar or piano, as in "Risalire," in "Gray, black, white," "Sometimes the case," "Existence," "Beyond the stars," "Love is not hungry," as well as to get to discover the warm and earthly soul of the singer-songwriter from which comes a deep Mediterranean feel (see "Escape," "Hero," "Unconditionally," "Between a second"). Rita presents her songs in simple and true terms; her vocal timbre, delicate and crystalline, then acts as a natural amplifier for these concepts. In the ten tracks of this album, the protagonists are dreams, love songs and small personal revolutions, songs that tell stories and expose common pains, those that every person faces, revenge and admissions to oneself with a common thread that is called hope.

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