Kiran Ahluwalia - 7 Billion

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Catalog: KM2018
Format: CD

Kiran Ahlawalia

1. Khafa 2. Saat 3. Kuch Aur 4. Raina 5. Jhoomo 6. We Sinful Women

The title song Saat (Seven) is about the cultural intolerance that plagues the 7 Billion of us on the planet today. We Sinful Women - Words written by Pakistani feminist poet Kishwar Naheed - is about all strong women being mislabeled 'Nasty'. Khafa (Up In Arms) is Kiran Ahluwalia's personal angst towards the middlemen of religion. Ahluwalia created LOVEfest, a direct musical response to the ignorance and animosity many visible minorities and faith communities face. She brings together two performers closely tied to tradition and faith practice, both rarely enjoyed outside of their home communities, a Shabad Kirtan (Sikh Spirituals) ensemble (Bhai Kabal Singh Group, heard for the very first time on the concert stage) and an Egyptian dervish (Yasser Darwish, performing tanoura, a dance practice tied to Sufi ritual). To present other, more contemporary voices in broadening counterpoint, Ahluwalia performs her own music, originals based on Indian and Malian styles, and Western blues and rock. She also invites elegant, arresting Algerian singer-songwriter Souad Massi to share her highly regarded perspective.

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