Cape Verde

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In the female universe of the batuque and finaçon, Ntoni Denti d’Oro is an exception, his ensemble (drums, guitars and cimboa fiddle) reflecting the conservation of an original tradition of which he is the sole exponent: linked to entertainment such as births, christenings and weddings, the lively rhythms of the batuque shift to the words of wisdom and poetic improvisation of the finaçon. Ntoni’s current group was formed at the beginning of the 1980s. At the time of Portuguese colonization the bataque was almost clandestine activity. Those in power saw it only as a crude, unwelcome performance betraying the peoples’ African roots. In 1866, the batuque was banned in the name of morality and maintenance of public order. The batuque tradition was therefore handed down discreetly and did not gain recognition until Cape Verde became independent in 1975. Ntoni Denti d’Oro came out into the open, grabbing the large drum which has now become his hallmark, and started to conduct his group. According to him, this drum is meant to imprint the rhythm onto women who have been weakened by decades of climatic and political hardships.

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