Stax Singles Vol. 4 - Rarities

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Label: STAX
Catalog: CR00043
Format: CD


The newest edition to the best-selling Complete Stax/Volt Soul Singles collection of box sets, Volume 4 delves deep into the Stax archives, offering rare singles and B-sides, spanning the life of the Memphis label from the early 60s through the mid-70s.  Includes rarities from all of Stax’s associated imprints, including: Truth, Chalice, Enterprise, Hip and Ardent. An accompanying booklet, with photos and new liner notes, will round out the package.6 CDs, brick box, with lift-off top and bookletTrack Listing: Disc 1:CARLA & RUFUS: Deep Down Inside 2:20RUFUS AND FRIEND: Yeah, Yea-ah 2:15PRINCE CONLEY: All the Way 2:41THE CANES: I’ll Never Give Her Up 2:25THE ASTORS: Just Enough to Hurt Me 2:24EDDIE KIRK: I Found a Brand New Love 2:45RUFUS THOMAS: Fine and Mellow 2:56BOOKER T. & THE MG’S: Fannie Mae 2:05FLOYD NEWMAN: Sassy 2:05RUFUS THOMAS: I Want to Get Married 2:20BOBBY MARCHAN: That’s the Way It Goes 2:36THE COBRAS: Shake Up 2:10BARBARA AND THE BROWNS: You Belong to Her 2:30DOROTHY WILLIAMS: Watchdog 2:30BARRACUDAS: Free for All 2:18BARBARA & THE BROWNS: I Don’t Want Trouble 2:00GORGEOUS GEORGE: Sweet Thing 2:38THE ASTORS: I Found Out 2:42RUFUS & CARLA THOMAS: We’re Tight 2:10RUFUS THOMAS: Chicken Scratch 2:20RUBY JOHNSON: Weak Spot 2:30RUFUS THOMAS: Talkin’ Bout True Love 2:40MABLE JOHN: If You Give Up What You Got (You’ll See What You Lost) 2:27SAM AND DAVE: A Small Portion of Your Love 2:35RUBY JOHNSON: Keep on Keeping On 2:20RUFUS THOMAS: Greasy Spoon 2:32MABLE JOHN: Left Over Love 2:31OLLIE & THE NIGHTINGALES: Girl, You Have My Heart Singing 2:02MABLE JOHN: Don’t Get Caught 2:33Disc 2:SHIRLEY WALTON: I’m So Glad You’re Back 2:37DELANEY & BONNIE: We’ve Just Been Feeling Bad 2:34LINDA LYNDELL:  I Don’t Know 2:27JUDY CLAY & WILLIAM BELL: Love-Eye-Tis 2:35JUDY CLAY: Remove These Clouds 3:10THE STAPLE SINGERS: Stay With Us 2:32RUFUS THOMAS: So Hard to Get Along With 2:57JEANNE & THE DARLINGS: I Like What You’re Doing to Me 2:41BOOKER T. & THE MG’S: Over Easy 4:05MABLE JOHN: Shouldn’t I Love Him 2:31WILLIAM BELL & JUDY CLAY: Left Over Love 2:51JIMMY HUGHES: Sweet Things You Do 2:14ART JERRY MILLER: Grab a Handful 2:06EDDIE FLOYD: Consider Me 3:26BOOKER T. & THE MG’S: Soul Clap ’69 2:40JEANNE & THE DARLINGS: Standing in the Need of Your Love 2:42THE BAR-KAYS: I Thank You 3:25THE SOUL CHILDREN: Make It Good 3:06OLLIE & THE NIGHTINGALES: I’ll Be Your Everything 3:54WILLIAM BELL: Let Me Ride 2:51BOOKER T. & THE MG’S: Sunday Sermon 4:10CARLA THOMAS: Hi De Ho (That Old Sweet Roll) 2:20SHACK: A Love Affair That Bears No Pain 3:54THE NIGHTINGALES: Just a Little Overcome 3:48THE NEWCOMERS: Mannish Boy 3:02Disc 3:ILANA: Let Love Fill Your Heart 3:03THE SOUL CHILDREN: Ridin’ on Love’s Merry-Go-Round 2:48HOT SAUCE: I Can’t Win for Losing 2:45LEE SAIN: Ain’t Nobody Like Me Baby 3:39HOT SAUCE: Echoes From the Past 2:47THE MAD LADS: Did My Baby Call 2:55ISAAC HAYES & DAVID PORTER: Baby I’m-A Want You 4:38JEAN KNIGHT: Pick up the Pieces 2:33JOHNNIE TAYLOR: Stop Teasing Me 4:28ISAAC HAYES: Type Thang 3:54JOHN GARY WILLIAMS: In Love With You 3:27MAJOR LANCE: Since I Lost My Baby’s Love 3:19HOT SAUCE: Mama’s Baby (Daddy’s Maybe) 3:15THE SOUL CHILDREN: Poem on the School House Door 4:27RUFUS THOMAS: That Makes Christmas Day 4:40THE STAPLE SINGERS: What’s Your Thing 4:19SHIRLEY BROWN: Yes Sir Brother 3:54HOT SAUCE: Funny 3:56FREDERICK KNIGHT: Let’s Make a Deal 3:26THE GREEN BROTHERS: Can’t Give You Up (I Love You Too Much) 3:15JOHN GARY WILLIAMS: Just Ain’t No Love (Without You Here) 3:28Disc 4:SID SELVIDGE: The Ballad of Otis B. Watson 3:20THE CABOOSE: Black Hands White Cotton 3:48DALLAS COUNTY: Love’s Not Hard to Find 3:10CASPER PETERS: April 3:54CLARK SULLIVAN: Reaching for a Rainbow 2:25BILLY ECKSTINE: I Wanna Be Your Baby 3:00CHUCK BORIS: Why Did It Take So Long 2:45BARBARA LEWIS: Why Did It Take So Long 2:44FINLEY BROWN: Gypsy 2:45O.B. McCLINTON: Slip Away 2:07BILLY ECKSTINE: When Something Is Wrong 5:21BEN ATKINS: Good Times Are Coming 3:19RIVER CITY BAND: Some Other Man 2:11O.B. McCLINTON: Don’t Let the Green Grass Fool You 2:34BIG B

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