Sances: Dialoghi Amorosi

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Label: Ricercar
Catalog: RIC385
Format: CD

Scherzi Musicali; Achten, Nicolas

Giovanni Felice Sances published his collections of cantade in Venice around 1640. Their music-poetic, lively, rhythmic and sensual-is placed at the service of a rich palette of amorous sentiments: innocence, desire, seduction, jealousy and despair all make their appearance. Sances also left us a number of ‘amorous dialogues’, miniature operas depicting Ruggiero and Angelica (who, to safeguard her virginity, makes herself invisible and flees the doughty knight who has just saved her from a monster’s clutches) and the naughty frolics of Tirsi and Filli, who want at all costs to ‘die’ together. In about 10 years, Scherzi Musicali has become one of the brightest stars in the early music cosmos, and is renowned for its dynamic interpretations of seventeenth and eighteenth century repertoire which its musicians explore with insatiable appetite and zeal. Whether uncovering lost gems of a forgotten musical heritage or revisiting staples of the baroque repertoire, the musicians of Scherzi Musicali apply the same exacting approach to all of the works they interpret, using philological research and reflection to guide them in their never-ending quest for the most accurate and historical performance style.

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