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Catalog: ZEF9652

Schoch, Ursula; Worms, Marcel

Ursula Schoch (violin) and Marcel Worms (piano) play through jazz-inspired music from the interbellum. For many composers, the introduction of jazz at the beginning of the twentieth century in Europe did not go unnoticed. The spontaneity of the new music, the new sound possibilities, the vital rhythms, the refined, swinging rubato – and improvisation, inseparably integrated with jazz – they were all features which speak to the imagination. The influence of jazz became audible in symphonic repertoire as well as in chamber music. Although in jazz itself, the violin had never taken a prominent place, many composers chose the instrument for their jazz-inspired works. Even though an essential element of jazz – improvisation – is missing in their music, other elements justify the term “jazzy”: the lively rhythms, the free and whimsical melody lines and above all a light-hearted kind of energy, which mirrors the innovative and optimistic spirit of the Interbellum years.

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