Die Kunst Der Fuge Bwv 1080

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Label: Thorofon
Catalog: CTH26402


The art of the fugue of Johann Sebastian Bach is regarded as a fundamental achievement of music history. The version in print belongs to the unquestioned canon of the interpretive history as well. The burden of the work had so far been so heavy that one could easily overlook the fragmentary and sometimes foreign character of this version. But there is a history of work, and whoever wants to come to Bach’s only self-contained version must go to the earlier possible version. Bach’s Art of the Fugue is a collection of polyphonic pieces developed from a single main theme. The well-known and recent version was completed by Bach’s son, Carl Philipp Emanuel, after his death. This release, however, shows an even earlier version believed to be done entirely by Bach. This study and recording by Kalberer becomes a whole of theory and practice, an integral process of philosophical theory, musicological research, absolute artwork, autonomous sound events and subjective perception of the listener.

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