R. Strauss: Salome (live)

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Ha, Sung-Heon; Orozco-Estrada, Andrés; Grassmann, Markus; Dörset-Ewald, Babett; Nawrath, Benedikt; Pegher, Michael; hr-Sinfonieorchester; Goltz, Joachim; Maruhn, Peter; Schuster, Michaela; Bruns, Benjamin; Eichenberger, Claude; Bronder, Peter; Jürgens, Torben; Somburg, Stephan; Lee, David; Koch, Wolfgang; Wittmann, Christoph; Magee, Emily

Desire. Brutality. Lust. Slyness. Anxiety. What a fascinatingly menacing thematic melange is seething in this Salome. Richard Strauss, the “nervous contrapuntalist,” had immediately recognized the potential of Oscar Wilde’s play, and had proceeded to add to it a musical meta-plane, which resulted in Salome becoming the scandalous new point of departure for opera in the 20th century. In its vivid psychological depiction of a corrupt world, Salome is, at the same time, both child of and witness to the dawning of the 20th century – a reflection of a moribund late-bourgeois era, captivated by its own putrefaction. The opera hit the nerve of the times. Strauss poured the Salome catastrophe into a one-act opera lasting a mere 100 minutes. However, these are 100 highly condensed minutes, which demand the listener’s full and uninterrupted attention without any break; first torturing him emotionally and then trickling the venom of sweet, seductive music into his ears and mind; laying his nerves bare, then making him tremble in aroused expectation. The new Pentatone album featuring the young, up-and-coming conductor Andres Orozco-Estrada leading the hr Symphony Orchestra (formerly Frankfurt Radio Symphony Orchestra) is a live recording of a concert given on September 10, 2016 in Frankfurt.

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