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Sony Music Masterworks is thrilled to announce its first release from Nigel Stanford, the creator behind the viral “Cymatics” video that visualized a brand-new synthesis of music, art and physics. Accompanied by a new title-track video that’s sure to amaze, Automatica will be released on September 15, 2017.Automatica is the New Zealand artist’s first album since 2014’s Solar Echoes, which featured the “Cymatics” single. Automatica takes Stanford’s trademark synthesis of dance-pop, electronica, and technological innovation to a new level. It’s also his first album with vocals, featuring guest singers Catey Shaw, Elizaveta, and Dallin Applebaum, and rapper Noah Caine.“I’ve done the instrumental thing my whole life, but I’ve always loved pop music, loved rap,” Nigel says, “and ‘Cymatics’ gave me a bit more exposure and allowed me to meet some more talented people and not do everything my own self!” Still, he does play all the instruments – not just electronics but also guitar, bass, and drums. “Most of the drums were real at one point,” he adds with a laugh, “before getting processed and sampled and chopped up.”TRACKLIST1. Automatica2. One Hundred Hunters3. If I Go Down4. Everything Changed5. Icarus (Automatic Mix)6. Gravity Waves7. Talk to Your Lover8. Dead Pixels in the Sky9. Stay with Me Tonight10. The Sixth Axis11. Cymatics (Automatic Mix)12. Wind It Up