Music From Seamus 26

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Catalog: EAM2017

Brown, Becky; Zone Expérimentale; Vidiksis, Adam; SPLICE Ensemble; Durant, David Z.; Lamneck, Esther; Kirchoff, Keith; Oseth, Olga; BEEP; Wyatt, Scott A.; Whiting, Benjamin D.; Fieldsteel, Eli

Seamus Records continues its series celebrating the best in contemporary electronic and electro-acoustic music with Volume 26, a compilation assembled in 2017 of recent works by its composer members. Scott Wyatt’s “…and nature is alone” memorializes the Chernobyl nuclear power station disaster in 1986. Elena Filatova, who wrote the text, and ValerieSobol, who performs the text, both have personal connections to Chernobyl and their inclusion intensifies the cathartic nature of the work. Eli Fieldsteel’s work includes extensive investigation into music generated by microcontrollers. Using motion-sensitive resistors and sensor gloves in collaboration with the open source platform Arduino, Fieldsteel fashions a musical vocabulary that corresponds to his arsenal of physical gestures. ‘Brain Candy’ is the fruit of those efforts. Pianist and composer Keith Kirchoff’s ‘Irrational Rationalities’ is inspired by the work of cubist painter Alvin Loving. Loving’s paintings use tricks of the eye to embed visual contraditions within seemingly simple elements. Kirchoff strives to achieve a similar sleight of hand in music, combining three distinct thematic ideas in such a way that they are taken out of context and challenge a passive listening experience. Becky Brown’s ‘Hold Still’ is a multi-disciplinary work combining poetry, drawings, video, and electronics processing. Benjamin D. Whiting’s ‘Illumina! Arabidopsis thaliana’ represents an ongoing collaboration between genomic biologist Aleel K Grennan and the composer. Other works on the album include pieces by Adam Vidiksis, Olga Oseth, David Z. Durant, and William Dougherty.

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