Johnny Lang - Signs (lp)

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Catalog: CRE00526
Format: VINYL


Signs, set for release on September 8, 2017 via Concord Records, is not merely a return the artist’s guitar-based beginnings, but an embodiment of an even more elemental sound. Beyond focusing attention on his soloing prowess, it is about recapturing the spirit of the early blues, where the guitar was front and center, fairly leaping out of the speakers. “A lot of my earlier influences have been coming to the surface, like Robert Johnson, and Howlin’ Wolf,” he reports. “I have been appreciating how raw and unrefined that stuff is. I had an itch to emulate some of that and I think it shows in the songs. Still, I let the writing be what it was and that was sometimes not necessarily the blues.” 1. Make It Move (3:28) 2. Snakes (2:57) 3. Last Man Standing (3:26) 4. Signs (5:35) 5. What You’re Made Of (4:18) 6. Bitter End (4:10) 7. Stronger Together (3:34) 8. Into the Light (4:01) 9. Bring Me Back Home (5:46) 10. Wisdom (4:05) 11. Singing Songs (5:53)

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