Caribbean Tropical Dance

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Label: ARC
Catalog: EUCD2742
Format: CD

Cárcamo, Pablo

As the title indicates, this album contains a selection which can be described both as Caribbean music by its origin and dance music by its style. The Caribbean element is present throughout the whole repertoire. The songs originate from the numerous islands scattered in the Caribbean between Cuba and Trinidad, as well as from some areas of the South American continent on the Atlantic coast. These islands and coastal regions are extremely diverse, culturally speaking, but they share a fundamental background: the mixing over time and space of a multitude of cultural heritages, mainly of African and European import, as well as of local making. Out of this mixing emerged a Caribbean identity with, however, pronounced regional distinctions very much reflected in the music. Like its Caribbean identity, dance is another unifying aspect of the music featured in this album. This is really popular party music with fast, rhythmic tempos and catchy tunes, meant for moving or dancing to, rather than for static enjoyment. Chilean-born multi-instrumentalist Pablo Carcamo is a notable master of the charango, an Amerindian version of the imported European mandolin, found amongst the population of the Andean region. His instrumental expertise however includes most South American instruments, all variations of flutes and pan pipes as well as percussions and drums of Afro-Caribbean provenance, and Western electric guitars and electronic synthesizers. This helps make his music accessible to a large worldwide audience.

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