King Selewa And His Calypsonians: Calypso Invasion

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Format: CD

King Selewa Calypsonians

Calypso is a form of folk music and dance from the Caribbean. Historically, Calypso can be traced back to the arrival of African slaves in the Caribbean islands in the seventeenth century. It has its roots on the island of Trinidad. The words of calypso songs are witty and humorous, usually involving social or political commentary in satirical form. The lyrics are characterized by arbitrary shifts in the accentuation of everyday English words. The infectious Calypso music is set in duple meter. It is a vital component of any carnival celebration in the Caribbean, and there are annual calypso competitions which are themselves a premier aspect of the carnivals. Born in Africa in 1968, King Selewa got into music through Jamaican 70s calypso, ska, rock-steady and early reggae music which he and his elder brother, Lord Skalipsoul, then performed live all over Europe in 1995. King Selewa and Chico, his guitar player, soon formed their own band of experienced musicians- their “Calypsonians,” in order to go deeper into the roots of Caribbean music, that is to say, Calypso. As Lord Invader said: “Calypso is folklore of Trinidad, a style of poetry recounting current events in song.”

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